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Cropwell Bishop Organic Stilton 200g

Cropwell Bishop Organic Stilton is the 'king' of blue cheese and surprisingly Cropwell Bishop is still the only Stilton maker to produce a certified organic Stilton. The organic cows' milk gives a mellow flavour with the same strong blue veins expected in any Stilton.  It is rich and masterful, what is not to love! Like all Cropwell Bishop Stiltons their organic Stilton is matured for 12 weeks. Delicious at Christmas, but in our view a stunning Stilton for any time of the year.Enjoy with a delicious port, see recommendations below.Sold in 250g.  If you would like a larger wedge please use multiples of this (ie 500g = 2 x 250g) and leave a note at checkout.Cow, Organic, Pasteurised, Vegetarian

Gorwydd Caerphilly 250g

Gorwydd's Caerphilly is made by the Trethowan Brothers, two Welsh brothers who moved to Somerset with their family's Caerphilly recipe. Using organic unpasteurised cows' milk the cheese has a mild, natural lactic flavour with mushroomy notes towards the rind and a velvety texture in the middle. This Caerphilly recently won a gold at the 2021 World Cheese awards and it's easy to taste why. Gorwydd's Caerphilly is made using animal rennet.

Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire 250g

Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire is a fantastic, a buttery finish and a flaky texture cows' milk cheese, with delightfully lactic flavour.  Made on the Beesley Farm in Lancashire to the same recipe Mrs Kirkham first made it in 1978, though the cheese today is now made by Graham Kirkham, her son.  This is the only Lancashire still made with unpasteurised cows' milk and hence the only Lancashire you should ever buy.Cow's milk, unpasteurised.Available in 250g and multiples thereof.  If you would like a larger wedge for example 500g, please select 2 x 250g into the shopping basket and make a comment in the notes at checkout.

Mrs Kirkham’s truckle

A fabulous centrepiece of Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire.

Old Roan, Wensleydale 250g

Old Roan Wensleydale is the only farmhouse, small batch Wensleydale made with unpasteurised cows' milk still made in Aysgarth, Yorkshire by Sam and Ben Spence at the Home Farm.  The cows are milked just 5 metres from where the cheese is made and Sam and Ben own the Holstein and Fresian cow herd grazed on grass in the Yorkshire Hills, so have complete control over the provenance of the cheese. Old Roan Wensleydale is made to a traditional recipe, then cloth-bound and matured for 3-4 months giving it a beautiful, creamy texture and farmyard they say you can taste the terrior in this cheese. Unpasteurised cows' milk cheese.

Sparkenhoe Blue Shropshire 250g

Sparkenhoe Shropshire Blue is lovingly made by Leicestershire Cheese Co, it is unpasteurised with deep blue veins running through a deep orange body colour. The cheese has a savoury, nutty flavour and is best enjoyed a room temperature.

Stichelton 250g

Produced by Joe Schneider this cheese is first class, tasting deep and rich and savoury.  If you like a blue, you will love this cheese!