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Sinodun Hill

Sinodun Hill – Made by Frazer Norton & Rachel Yarrow in Oxfordshire The initial make process takes place over 4 days after which it is ripened for up to 21 days to develop the rind and bring out complexity in the  flavour and texture. The rennet is vegetarian, derived from the cardoon thistle. The result is a flavoursome cheese with a fresh, citrus flavour which deepens as it ages to reveal almond and red fruit notes. Its rind is a stunning ivory colour and seasonally develops a dusting of blue and grey moulds as it ages, which add to the flavour and character of the cheese.

Blackmount 220g

Blackmount is a raw milk ashed lactic goats milk pyramid made with milk from a small herd of dairy goats, it is made with traditional kids rennet and is yeast ripened so it softens from the outside in if left to mature long enough.

Baby Katherine 250g

From Whitelake Cheese in Somerset, this is a strong and fruity semi-hard goat's cheese washed in cider brandy.


Driftwood Made by Roger Longman in Whitelake, SomersetAs it’s age increases, Driftwood develops more intense & tangy flavours and can e enjoyed both young and mature. Driftwood is just one of a number of goats milk cheese made by Roger who is an expert in this field

Elrick goat’s log

Elrick Log is a perfectly balanced goats cheese rolled into a log made at Errington Farm in Lanarkshire, Scotland by Selina and Andrew Cairns.  A rich goats' cheese with an earthiness to the rind, quite simply No2's favourite goats' cheese log.

Rachel 250g

Rachel – Made by Roger Longman in Whitelake, Somerset Rachel is an unusual, semi-hard goats cheese with a firm texture.


A perfect goat's milk cheese, produced in Somerset by Whitelakes Cheese.Unpasteurised, vegetarian.

Little Lilly

Little Lilly – Made by Roger Longman in Whitelake, Somerset A white bloom cheese (brie style) made with unpasteurised goats