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Brightwell Ash

Brightwell Ash is a carefully produced, deliciously light goats cheese rolled in ash with citrusy flavours. Made by Fraser Norton and Rachel Yarrow on the Earth Trust Farm in Shillingford in South Oxfordshire. They use pasteurised goats' milk from their own herd and also from a second local herd grazed near Steventon. Traditional french goats cheese making methods are followed but the milk gives the cheese an Oxfordshire flavour. With a silky texture, Brightwell Ash is a lighter goats cheese and is made with traditional animal rennet. The rind develops natural moulding on the ash coating which add to the flavour and character of the cheese. We recommend serving with charcoal crackers or chopped in a salad, but many of our customers like to simply eat it on a nice piece of bread.

Elrick goat’s log

Elrick Log is a perfectly balanced goats cheese rolled into a log made at Errington Farm in Lanarkshire, Scotland by Selina and Andrew Cairns.  A rich goats' cheese with an earthiness to the rind, quite simply No2's favourite goats' cheese log.

Rachel 250g

Nutty and a little bit sweet - this is goat's cheese that is pure and delicious.Goat's milk, vegetarianSold in 250g wedges and multiples thereof, if you would like a bigger wedge please select multiples (ie 500g = 2 x 250g) and to be sure, place a note in section at checkout.

Sinodun Hill

Oxfordshire cheese at its best, fluffy on the inside, sticky on the outside, packed with fabulous flavour and a beauty to look at!Goat's milk, raw milk, vegetarian

The Sheepy Goaty Box

We're not sheepish about this box rammed full of the greatest cheese made exclusively from ewe's and goat's milk.Four of our best ewe's and goat's milk cheeses, expect hard, soft, blue... expect anything, minus the cow.

Tinto 200g

Hard, raw, goat's milk cheese.Unanimously scored 10/10 with the team on a blind tasting, hurry though as it sells out quickly!