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St Sunday’s

St Sunday’s – Made by Martin Gott x James Robinson in Cumbria We have always considered Martin & Nicola Gott

Highmoor whole cheese

Highmoor – Made by Rose Grimmond in Oxfordshire

A semi-soft, washed rind cheese with brothy and bacony notes from the rind made at the Nettlebed Creamery near Henley by Rose Grimmond. Rose's family are dairy farmers and the family farm, located 1 mile down the road, provides all the beautiful organic cows' milk used to make the Nettledbed cheeses. Shape, taste and texture all make Highmoor an interesting addition to any cheese board and given the closeness of the cow to creamery to No2 this is also a great cheese to eat to reduce your food miles and support two local businesses.

Sinodun Hill

Sinodun Hill – Made by Frazer Norton & Rachel Yarrow in Oxfordshire The initial make process takes place over 4 days after which it is ripened for up to 21 days to develop the rind and bring out complexity in the  flavour and texture. The rennet is vegetarian, derived from the cardoon thistle. The result is a flavoursome cheese with a fresh, citrus flavour which deepens as it ages to reveal almond and red fruit notes. Its rind is a stunning ivory colour and seasonally develops a dusting of blue and grey moulds as it ages, which add to the flavour and character of the cheese.


Driftwood Made by Roger Longman in Whitelake, SomersetAs it’s age increases, Driftwood develops more intense & tangy flavours and can e enjoyed both young and mature. Driftwood is just one of a number of goats milk cheese made by Roger who is an expert in this field

St Helena 300g

St Helena is a delicious rind washed, semi-soft cheese made by Julie Cheyney in Bungay Suffolk, using fresh, raw cows milk from her family's single herd of Montbéliarde cows. Made to a St Nectaire recipe and aged on rye straw mats, St. Helena is a sweet, dairy-first cheese with a hint of nuttiness and often a farmyard tang on the after-taste. Comparable to a French Tomme and brilliant for melting.

Pave Cobble

Pave Cobble is creamy and nutty in the centre, with a spicy, gamy exterior which strengthens with age. A sheep's milk cheese formed into a pyramid and lightly coated in ash. Pave Cobble has a springy texture and becomes more creamy with age. Made with unpasteurised sheep's milk and with a vegetarian rennet, so suitable for vegetarians. Pave Cobble is hand-made by Roger Longman on the White Lake Farm, famed for his sheep and goat's milk cheeses.

Old West

Dairy free, produced with cashew and deliciously smoky.  It is packed full of gut friendly live culture.Cashew, Fermented, Vegan.

Aveline 150g

Aveline is a soft, white bloomed, raw ewes (sheep's) milk cheese made by Tim and Angela on Homewood farm in Ubley, Somerset. Named after Aveline's Hole, the oldest scientifically-dated burial grounds in Somerset. The purposeful hole, as well as a nod to the caves, provides a purposeful use allowing equal ripening of the cheese.As a raw milk cheese the flavour changes throughout the year, in the winter Aveline is very soft and milky tasting, while in the summer Aveline is stronger and firmer. Aveline is made with vegetarian rennet making it suitable for vegetarians and also those with lactose intolerance.Each invidually wrapped cheese is approximately 150g.Homewood cheeses specialise in unpasteurised, artisan ewes milk cheeses. Aveline makes a stunning centre piece, whether on a cheese board or as the very top layer of a celebration cake of cheese.

Nattercrop 250g

Organic cow's milk brie, with a delightful flavour and mouth filling texture. 

Beauvale 250g

Beauvale – Made by Robin Skales in NottinghamshireA soft, smooth blue cheese matured for 7 weeks and during this time it becomes similar in texture to a Gorgonzola Dulce but with the fabouls blue pedigree from its older blue stilton also made by Robin. Beauvale takes its name from Vale of Belboir where it is made and its logo was designed by children at the local Montessori School. This cheese is rich in flavour with savoury tones and a gentle hiny of spiciness.

St Cera

St CeraMade by Julie Cheyney in Bungay, Sulfolk                                                                                             A washed rind version of St.Jude made in small batches this cheese is hand-made by Julie using fresh, raw cows’ milk from her family’s single herd of Montbéliarde cows. This is a strong, oozy cheese best eaten with a spoon or scoped out with a bit of bread. It is regularly washed in brine during its maturation which brings out strong, pungent, farmyard flavours – a brilliant farmhouse cheese reminiscent of a great French Époisses. A pinky/orange blush to the rind is usual and the cheese flavour varies between seasons depending on which season the cows were milked in.

St Jude


St JudeMade by Julie Cheyney in Bungay, Sulfolk                                                                                            

A lactic style cheese with a wrinkled, mould ripened rind & a smooth paste. Usually eaten between 2-5 weeks old. St. Jude develops from a young, fresh & creamy cheese to more complex flavour leaning towards a buttery, vegetal & grassy profile in the winter when the cows are out to pasture.