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Findlater’s Mini Oatcakes 100g

These delightful little oatcakes are just the right size for canapes, to accompany a cheeseboard, sharing with friends or just for snacking.Don't forget they were created to go perfectly with any of the Findlater's Pates - see recommendations below.

GF Rosemary & Seasalt Crackers 145g

Marvelous gluten free Rosemary & Sea Salt Crackers. Made with a pinch of rosemary and a sprinkling of sea salt, these little savouries are just delightful served simply on their own or topped with your favourite cheese.

Gift Marron Glace 200g

Only ten varieties of forest chestnuts are suitable to be candied in syrup and transformed into prime marron glacé. Somewhere along the unhurried 240 hours production process a hint of vanilla is introduced, and lingers in the mouth as a gentle reminder of the glorious feast you’ve just eaten.

Great British Cheese Box

A handpicked selection of 4 of the best cheeses we make in this country.  It is dealers choice, but let us know if there is a style you would like to avoid.You will just need to take a look at crackers, chutney and a bottle of wine. 

Hadji Bey Stem Ginger 250g

Beautiful crystallised stem ginger in very attractive packaging.

Hadji Bey Turkish Delight 250g

Originally created in Cork in 1902, production of this famous Turkish delight has since moved to a site in County Kildare, Ireland. This exotic treat has been one of Ireland's longest-lasting confectionery brands and continues to be a best seller today.

Holdsworth chocolates large box 300g

This Luxury box of 25 handmade chocolates is stunning, through the clear window you can see an impressive array of hand decorated chocolates. A fabulous selection which has something for everyone containing white, milk and dark chocolates. This box includes some wonderful flavours such as Coffee Cream, Grand Marnier Truffle and Hazelnut Praline to name a few. It’s a heavenly collection which is perfect for connoisseurs and would sit well at a tasteful dinner party.

Holdsworth Espresso Martini Chocolates 115g

A stunning assortment of milk, white & dark chocolate ganache truffles.These truffles combined with a fine aromatic coffee, a dash of martini and topped with a gold dusted coffee bean, are perfect for any chocolate lover.

Iced Christmas Cake 390g

The Original Cake Christmas Iced Fruit Cake with Gold Star.A Rich and Moist Fruit Cake packed with Juicy Turkish Sultanas topped with Traditional Marzipan.

Jewel Topped Rich Fruit Cake 350g

Deliciously moist Christmas fruit cake topped with juicy fruits. 

Little’s Christmas Ground Coffee 100g

Super high quality Arabica coffee infused with the festive flavours of orange, brandy, cinnamon and vanilla. If Santa were to drink coffee (which he probably does being Finnish and all) this is what he would drink.