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Ataraxia Pinot Noir

Ataraxia was founded by Kevin and Hanli Grant in 2004 near the coastal village of Hermanus in the Hemel-en Arde region.Hemel-en-Aarde is Afrikaans for “heaven and earth” and the claim is justified. The estate sits on a particularly heavenly stretch of land beneath a lofty peak of the Babylon’s Tower mountain range. In addition to its unrelenting beauty, Ataraxia is home to some of the most spectacular terroirs South Africa has to offer.Almost two decades on, they are associated with crafting wines of incredible finesse, balance and depth; wines that proudly hold their own on the international wine stage.This Pinot Noir is my favourite discovery of the year! Perhaps my favourite wine in our range! The wine has the perfect balance of rich fruit and light structure alongside the most gorgeous perfume.A stunning wine, that pairs perfectly with soft, mould-ripened cheeses such as Baron Bigod.

Belazu Olive & Lemon Oil 250ml

Whole lemons and olives are stone-crushed together to create a rounded oil with citrus and pepper notes.

Black Truffle Oil 55ml

It was obtained through a production process at the forefront that allows you to obtain olive oil with an intense black truffle winter fragrance and preserves in time aromas and unique fragrance.

Bungay Butter

Produced by the fabulous Cricklemore family in Bungay Suffolk, they are famous for their award winning Baron Bigod (recommended below).Butter is raw, cow's milk and is just as butter used to be.

Classic Lingue Flatbreads 120g

Seggiano light, crispy, Classic Lingue flatbread tongues are handmade for you in Piemonte, Italy, a region famous for its culinary heritage.The artisan Italian Lingue are crackers as nature intended. The dough is made with simplest, authentic ingredients, rolled out by hand, then baked to a deliciously thin, golden crispiness.Seggiano flatbreads are highly enjoyable for antipasto snacking and an essential for any serious cheese board.

Cornish Charcuterie Fennel Salami

BEST SELLER80g individual salami.This fennel salami is outstanding, if you haven't tried it yet take it from us, it is delicious and you will regret only ordering 1!

Drinks Biscuits Parmesan, Toasted Pine Nuts & Basil 110g

Using the best Reggiano Parmesan with long lasting tangy, nutty and caramel notes. The basil and toasted pine nuts give a herbal sweetness and honey profile that pairs beautifully with many outstanding drinks.

Drinks Biscuits Pecorino, Rosemary & Seaweed 110g

The aromatic, sharp quality of genuine Pecorino Romano cheese shines through, with a balance of sweetness, herbs, spice and a briny edge from Scottish seaweed. The perfect company for a premium gin. 

Drivers 1906 Pickled Onions 550g

Whole peeled onions pickled in spicy vinegar.Great with your cheese selection.