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Saint-Joseph, Thomas Farge, Northern Rhone

Made from a selection of old Syrah vines ranging from 40 to 70 years old. Partial oak aging in 400L barrels for 12 months completed by 2 months in tank.This Saint Joseph is offering bright aromas of dark fruits, black olive tapenade, balsam, and a touch of leather. The palate is supple and well balanced, offering a long finish of dark fruits laced with licorice and minerals.Big & powerful, this wine needs a bit of time to open up, so do decant for an hour if possible. Deliciously complex, the flavours are perfect for charred but bloody red meat!

Pedroni Aceto Balsamico ‘Vecchio’

The Pedroni family history in Rubbiara started with an 'Osteria' in 1862, but it was after the Second World War that Italo - the fifth generation - started to take the vinegar side of the business to another, more professional level. Using only the best techniques passed down through the family, father to son, and adding his own expertise, the Pedroni name became synonymous with quality. It is now Italo's son, Giuseppe, who runs the family's vinegar production and maintains the high standards set by his father.Traditional balsamic vinegar is obtained from a cooked grape must and wine vinegar. Slow acetification is the result of natural fermentation and the gradual concentration of the vinegar occurs through a very long ageing period in a series of small casks made of different kinds of wood. For the Vecchio this is for seven years and the casks typically include mulberry, chestnut, cherry, juniper and oak. No flavouring or caramel is added, as is often the case with lower quality vinegars.This vinegar is marked by its softness and balance, and the aromas that develop during the extended ageing period. A dense vinegar, the Vecchio has natural viscosity and intense aromas. The flavours balance sweet and sour, with good depth and great acidity.This is a great single-estate aged balsamic that is perfect for finishing dishes, drizzled over charred steaks or shaved pecorino and bresaola.

Fontodi Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fontodi olive oil is made from Corregiolo and Frantoio olive groves. The olive trees grow beside Fontodi’s vines in the Conca d’Oro estate. With aromas of artichoke leaf and an elegant peppery flavour, this has a fragrant, lingering finish.One of Italy's top wine estates also makes one of it's best olive oils.

Westcombe Saucisson

Mould-ripened pork saucisson sec inspired by those from southwest France. Seasoned with black pepper, nutmeg and garlic, they boast a

White Truffle Oil

It was obtained through a production process at the forefront that allows you to obtain olive oil with a strong fragrance of white truffle, preserves in time aromas and unique fragrance.

Black Truffle Oil 55ml

It was obtained through a production process at the forefront that allows you to obtain olive oil with an intense black truffle winter fragrance and preserves in time aromas and unique fragrance.

Bungay Butter

Produced by the fabulous Cricklemore family in Bungay Suffolk, they are famous for their award winning Baron Bigod (recommended below).Butter is raw, cow's milk and is just as butter used to be.

Peter’s Yard Sourdough Crackers Selection Pack 265g

These sourdough crackers are made in small batches with Peter's Yard's signature sourdough starter, which slowly ferments for 16 hours. The crackers are crafted from natural ingredients including Shipton Mill flour and organic fresh milk. This selection is designed to accompany any cheeseboard and contains three individually wrapped trays.The Original sourdough crackers pair well with any cheese, while Rye & Charcoal works beautifully with soft cheeses such as a goat’s or ripe Brie. Poppy Seed complements the flavour of a mild crumbly cheese like Caerphilly.

Anchovy Fillets

Anchovy fillets with garlic & parsley. 245g net/ 125g drained

Lucy’s Chorizo Jam 198g

Made using Balsamic vinegar and black treacle, smoked paprika and spices it is both salty and sweet.Perfect to eat on little toasts, with hard cheeses, to top a burger, stirred into pasta dishes, with eggs & avocado, as a baked potato topping, great with cod - the list is endless!

Drinks Biscuits Parmesan, Toasted Pine Nuts & Basil 110g

Using the best Reggiano Parmesan with long lasting tangy, nutty and caramel notes. The basil and toasted pine nuts give a herbal sweetness and honey profile that pairs beautifully with many outstanding drinks.

Drinks Biscuits Lancashire Cheese & Spring Onion 110g

Using the best Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire cheese and combine it with English mustard and spring onion to create a full-on fruity profile with a spicy finish. A Ploughman’s with a kick. A versatile premium snack that stands up to some