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Fontodi Chianti Classico Olive Oil

Fontodi olive oil is made from Corregiolo and Frantoio olive groves. The olive trees grow beside Fontodi’s vines in the Conca d’Oro estate. With aromas of artichoke leaf and an elegant peppery flavour, this has a fragrant, lingering finish.The oil is deep green in colour with a fresh aroma of olives, artichokes and aromatic herbs. On the palate it already has a good balance between bitter and spicy notes in the finish while maintaining a great freshness.Olive Varieties: 70% Corregiolo , 20% Moraiolo, 10% LeccinoVintage: 2022

Cos Olio Extravergine Olive Oil

Giusto Occhipinti and Giambattista Cilia apply the same standards to the production of their olive oil from 100% Tonda Iblea as they do to the production of wine. Grown on trees well over a hundred years old, COS cultivates 18 hectares in the Contrada of Piraino near Chiaramonte Gulfi. There is the home of this old, autochthonous Sicilian variety, for whose preservation a consortium was founded. Traditionally, the olive harvest ends the autumn after the grape harvest.

Fratepietro Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Agricola Fratepietro extra virgin olive oil is a 100% Italian medium fruity oil obtained from Bella di Cerignola and Coratina olives. The blend, cold extracted, is the perfect combination of typical Apulian aromas and flavours. Balanced taste and intense colour make our extra virgin olive oil the emblem of high quality and traditional cuisine.

Fratepietro Artichokes

Artichoke from Puglia is handmade immediately after harvesting according to the traditional recipe. They are preserved in sunflower oil, a neutral oil to guarantee and preserve the natural flavour of the artichoke.

White Truffle Oil

It was obtained through a production process at the forefront that allows you to obtain olive oil with a strong fragrance of white truffle, preserves in time aromas and unique fragrance.

Black Truffle Oil 55ml

It was obtained through a production process at the forefront that allows you to obtain olive oil with an intense black truffle winter fragrance and preserves in time aromas and unique fragrance.

Fratepietro Dried Tomatoes

Dried tomatoes are of the highest quality, Italian origin packaged in sunflower oil and olive oil, to flavor only fresh basil leaves. The resulting taste is surprising: a balance between consistency and aroma, typical of fresh tomatoes.

Bungay Butter

Produced by the fabulous Cricklemore family in Bungay Suffolk, they are famous for their award winning Baron Bigod (recommended below).Butter is raw, cow's milk and is just as butter used to be.

Semi-dried Tomatoes

Marinated semi-dried tomatoes with garlic & oregano 200g net 130g drained weight

Preserved Lemons 350g

Whole thin skinned Beldi lemons, harvested by hand and preserved in salt and water.