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Aveline 150g

Aveline is a soft, white bloomed, raw ewes (sheep's) milk cheese made by Tim and Angela on Homewood farm in Ubley, Somerset. Named after Aveline's Hole, the oldest scientifically-dated burial grounds in Somerset. The purposeful hole, as well as a nod to the caves, provides a purposeful use allowing equal ripening of the cheese. As a raw milk cheese the flavour changes throughout the year, in the winter Aveline is very soft and milky tasting, while in the summer Aveline is stronger and firmer. Aveline is made with vegetarian rennet making it suitable for vegetarians and also those with lactose intolerance. Each invidually wrapped cheese is approximately 150g.  Homewood cheeses specialise in unpasteurised, artisan ewes milk cheeses. Aveline makes a stunning centre piece, whether on a cheese board or as the very top layer of a celebration cake of cheese.

Brightwell Ash

Brightwell Ash is a carefully produced, deliciously light goats cheese rolled in ash with citrusy flavours. Made by Fraser Norton and Rachel Yarrow on the Earth Trust Farm in Shillingford in South Oxfordshire. They use pasteurised goats' milk from their own herd and also from a second local herd grazed near Steventon. Traditional french goats cheese making methods are followed but the milk gives the cheese an Oxfordshire flavour. With a silky texture, Brightwell Ash is a lighter goats cheese and is made with traditional animal rennet. The rind develops natural moulding on the ash coating which add to the flavour and character of the cheese. We recommend serving with charcoal crackers or chopped in a salad, but many of our customers like to simply eat it on a nice piece of bread.

Cropwell Bishop Organic Stilton 200g

Cropwell Bishop Organic Stilton is the 'king' of blue cheese and surprisingly Cropwell Bishop is still the only Stilton maker to produce a certified organic Stilton. The organic cows' milk gives a mellow flavour with the same strong blue veins expected in any Stilton.  It is rich and masterful, what is not to love! Like all Cropwell Bishop Stiltons their organic Stilton is matured for 12 weeks. Delicious at Christmas, but in our view a stunning Stilton for any time of the year.Enjoy with a delicious port, see recommendations below.Sold in 250g.  If you would like a larger wedge please use multiples of this (ie 500g = 2 x 250g) and leave a note at checkout.Cow, Organic, Pasteurised, Vegetarian

Isle of Wight Blue

Firm favourite with our customers, great to finish any cheeseboard - or even just on its own!

Old Winchester 250g

Strong, crunchy cheese with an attitude.Cow, pasteurised, vegetarian.Sold in 250g.  If you would like a larger wedge please use multiples of this (ie 500g = 2 x 250g) and leave a note at checkout.

Rachel 250g

Nutty and a little bit sweet - this is goat's cheese that is pure and delicious.Goat's milk, vegetarianSold in 250g wedges and multiples thereof, if you would like a bigger wedge please select multiples (ie 500g = 2 x 250g) and to be sure, place a note in section at checkout.

Sinodun Hill

Oxfordshire cheese at its best, fluffy on the inside, sticky on the outside, packed with fabulous flavour and a beauty to look at!Goat's milk, raw milk, vegetarian

Sparkenhoe Blue Shropshire 250g

Sparkenhoe Shropshire Blue is lovingly made by Leicestershire Cheese Co, it is unpasteurised with deep blue veins running through a deep orange body colour. The cheese has a savoury, nutty flavour and is best enjoyed a room temperature.

The Vegetarian Box

A mix of all styles here with one common feature... they're all made with vegetarian rennet.Four of our best vegetarian cheeses.

Yorkshire Blue 180g

Yorkshire Blue is an ideal blue cheese for those who don't usually go for a blue cheese. Creamy, sweet and mild, the flavour will develop the older the cheese gets. Made in Yorkshire  at Shepherd's Purse led by the infamous Mrs Bell, Judy, is now joined by her two daughters making this an all-female cheesemaker. Yorkshire Blue is made from pasteurised cows' milk Yorkshire Blue was the first blue cheese to be made in Yorkshire for 30 years in 1995. Since then its won a cluster of awards and it's easy to see why. This handmade cheese is turned every week during its 8-week maturation which makes for a smooth texture and even blueing. As Yorkshire Blue is made with vegetarian rennet it is suitable for vegetarians.Cow's milk, pasteurised, vegetarian.