Tasting Experiences in The Tasting Room

Private Artisanal Cheese, WIne & Charcuterie Tastings

“It is simply the perfect gift for cheese & wine lovers" - "What a brilliant birthday, I had the best cheese, charcuteire & wine with my closest friends”

Welcome to Tasting Experiences at No2 Pound Street.

Our tasting experiences are held in The Tasting Room is set in a barn just behind the shop on Dobbins Lane.

Inside the barn, we have built a lovely space for bespoke private tasting experiences. The room also doubles up as a cheese and wine school.

The Tasting Room has the usual facilities you would expect. Additionally, in the room you will find a top of the range audio visual system as well as hi-speed Wi-Fi.

The room seats 8 comfortably although can fit 10 at a squeeze.

We are now taking Christmas bookings! Due to popularity dates are very limited.

£200 deposits are required for all bookings. 

4 weeks' notice (28 Days) full deposit refunded.

3 weeks' notice 50% deposit refunded. 

2 weeks' notice 25% refunded.

Less than 2 weeks deposit is witheld. 

Full payment is required 2 weeks prior to your tasting experiences.

Tasting Experiences package

The Classic

4 Cured meats, 4 Artisan Cheeses, 4 wines

Enjoy a handpicked selection of some the finest handmade cured meats in the United Kingdom. Charcuterie is sourced from farms that practice ethical and sustainable farming. Made by professional Charcutiers throughout the U.K. You will be presented with 4 different styles of meats that will include classical British interpretations of continental greats as well as new British styles of salumi born through our very own flora and fauna.

There will be 4 handpicked cheeses chosen by our cheesemongers. We will include soft, crumbly and hard. The importance with the cheeseboard is one of balance. We will ensure that each cheese delivers contrasting flavours to make up a perfect cheese selection. All cheese will have been made by artisan cheese producers and some will have been aged in our very own affinage (Cheese Cave).

The wines selected will again be from small and considerate producers. We favour organic, natural, orange, and biodynamic wines. These styles are made by people that are exceptionally passionate about what they do. By looking after the land and their careful attention taken whilst making the wines ensures for a brilliant result. Our resident wine expert will guarantee a perfectly matched flight of wine for your tasting platters.

Costs are as follows and include one of our experts who will serve you and be on hand for the duration of your event.


All prices are excluding an optional service charge of 12.5%.

2 people £190, 3 people £235, 4 people £280, 5 people £325, 6 people £370, 7 people £415, 8 people £460

Tasting Experiences package

The No2 Experience Taster

5 Cured Meats, 5 Artisan Cheeses, 5 Wines

The No2 Taster is a celebration of some of the rarer styles of charcuterie made in very small batches and not readily available to the public. In fact, some of the selections are only for private release. The recipes are closely guarded and made by the leading Charcutiers in the U.K. The styles chosen will be contrasting and aim to show the regional terroir through exceptional grazing that gives the meat its unmatched quality.

Equally our head cheesemonger will pick 5 brilliant small batch makes. These may be an interpretation of a great French or Italian style. You will without doubt find a rarity on the board that will become a major talking point of your tasting. On this selection we will include a goat and sheep cheese. There will also be a washed rind cheese. It is our aim to showcase mainly raw milk cheeses, as we strongly believe that this style does offer more depth of flavour and length on the palate.

Our wine buyer will be picking some gems from our wine shelves. All of which will be from small and limited wine productions. The wines will offer the perfect harmony with your cheese and meats.

For this package we will also put together a menu for the event that you can take as a memento and also have branded as you wish.

Costs are as follows and include a wine & cheese expert to be on hand throughout the duration of your event.


All prices are excluding an optional service charge of 12.5%.

2 people £250, 3 people £325, 4 people £400, 5 people £475, 6 people £550, 7 people £625, 8 people £700

Tasting Experiences packages

Bespoke Package

A bespoke package is available. This will be based on a minimum spend of £45 per person and will include a £100 fee for a member of staff. Please reserve the date and choose Bespoke Package at checkout. A member of the team will be in touch to confirm your package details.

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