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West Country Buffalo Mozzarella

Raw Milk Water Buffalo Mozzarella, traditionally hand made in Somerset using the pasta filata method.The buffalo are reared on the farm by Jonathan Corpe and his amazing team.After the  early morning milking the buffalo milk is gently added to the vat. Starter cultures are added. A little later a vegetarian rennet is added. After the curd has set, it is cut. When the curd is ready it is taken from the vat and placed on the curd table. When ready the fresh curd is added to 90 degrees of hot water in a large round drum. The curd is then spun by and stretched by hand, a little like making dough. The method used here is of course Pasta Filata. Once the curd has formed the right stretchy, glossy consistency it is placed in to the baller. The balls of freshly made mozzarella are hand brined for roughly 90 minutes. Then they are taken out and placed into a storing solution ready to be served.Jonathan’s mozzarella tastes citrusy and creamy with sour cream and grassy somewhat yogurty notes. It is quite frankly sublime.We collect the mozzarella directly sometimes waiting for it to be finished! That’s how fresh No2’s mozzarella is. To find mozzarella this good you would have to travel to Italy. Our Italian customers also agree with this which is surely testimony to Jonathan Corpe’s hard work in producing proper raw milk buffalo mozzarella on his farm.