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Bagborough Brie

Creamy and delicious brie.  A real crowd pleaser for any occasion.

Baron Bigod 1kg round

Treat yourself to a whole, full-sized Baron Bigod, the only traditionally made, raw cows' milk (although currently being pasteurised) Brie-de-Meaux style cheese produced in the UK. Adds the wow factor to a cheese board or a celebration cheese cake, after all who doesn't love brie?Small batches of this brie-style cheese are made in the early morning using fresh, warm cows' milk from Fen Farm's own herd of Montbéliarde cows in Suffolk. All the curds are hand-ladled into large brie moulds and then salted by hand and aged for up to 8 weeks.The flavour of the cheese changes with the seasons, with mushroomy and farmyard notes under the rind and occasional hints of citrus or truffle flavours. With full provenance from cow to cheese, this is a true artisan cheese and the raw milk provides for exceptional taste and quality. Sold in a whole round here, but if you prefer a smaller piece you can order 250g portions (approx quarter of a whole Baron Bigod) or the baby version (also approx 250g) see cheese menu.

Beauvale 250g

A creamy, milder dolcelatte style style blue cheese made at the Cropwell Bishop Creamery on the Welbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire. Best served at room temperature and on a warm day this cheese made need to be eaten with a spoon. Made with pasteurised cows' milk and a vegetarian rennet.Sold in 250g wedges (as shown in the phones) and multiples thereof, if you would like a bigger wedge please select multiples (ie 500g = 2 x 250g) and to be sure, place a note in section at checkout.

Isle of Wight Blue

Firm favourite with our customers, great to finish any cheeseboard - or even just on its own!

Nattercrop 250g

Organic cow's milk brie, with a delightful flavour and mouth filling texture. 

Perl Wen

Luscious brie from the pastures of West Wales, a delicious cheese to fill you with happiness!

St Jude


All St Jude cheeses are hand-made, in small batches in Suffolk using fresh, raw cows' milk from a single herd of Montbéliarde cows on the family farm, of Julie Cheyney, the cheesemaker.


St Jude is a small, soft, white-mould ripened cheese with a flavour which changes depending on the time of year the cows were milked. As a young cheese it is fresh, milky with a slight lemony taste and a silky feel to it. As St Jude matures the flavours become more pronounced and richer, you can often taste grassy notes in the summer cheeses, or more buttery notes in the winter ones. 


St Jude is made in a classic, French St Marcellin-style and Julie's dedication to quality and small-batch cheesemaking shines through.