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St Helena 300g

St Helena is a delicious rind washed, semi-soft cheese made by Julie Cheyney in Bungay Suffolk, using fresh, raw cows milk from her family's single herd of Montbéliarde cows.   Made to a St Nectaire recipe and aged on rye straw mats, St. Helena is a sweet, dairy-first cheese with a hint of nuttiness and often a farmyard tang on the after-taste. Comparable to a French Tomme and brilliant for melting.

St Cera

St CeraMade by Julie Cheyney in Bungay, Sulfolk                                                                                             A washed rind version of St.Jude made in small batches this cheese is hand-made by Julie using fresh, raw cows’ milk from her family’s single herd of Montbéliarde cows. This is a strong, oozy cheese best eaten with a spoon or scoped out with a bit of bread. It is regularly washed in brine during its maturation which brings out strong, pungent, farmyard flavours – a brilliant farmhouse cheese reminiscent of a great French Époisses. A pinky/orange blush to the rind is usual and the cheese flavour varies between seasons depending on which season the cows were milked in.