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Aveline 150g

Aveline is a soft, white bloomed, raw ewes (sheep's) milk cheese made by Tim and Angela on Homewood farm in Ubley, Somerset. Named after Aveline's Hole, the oldest scientifically-dated burial grounds in Somerset. The purposeful hole, as well as a nod to the caves, provides a purposeful use allowing equal ripening of the cheese. As a raw milk cheese the flavour changes throughout the year, in the winter Aveline is very soft and milky tasting, while in the summer Aveline is stronger and firmer. Aveline is made with vegetarian rennet making it suitable for vegetarians and also those with lactose intolerance. Each invidually wrapped cheese is approximately 150g.  Homewood cheeses specialise in unpasteurised, artisan ewes milk cheeses. Aveline makes a stunning centre piece, whether on a cheese board or as the very top layer of a celebration cake of cheese.

Lanark Blue 200g

Lanark Blue is a classic unpasteurised sheeps' milk blue cheese, with fudge, cream and mineral notes from the bolts of blue running through it. Sadly the original Lanarkshire Blue cheese recipes were lost post-Second World War, so when Selina and Andrew Cairns decided to revive cheese making in Lanarkshire, they had to go to France to learn from Roquefort cheese makers - bringing back blue cheese recipes and creating their own Scottish or Lanarkshire take on blue cheese.

Leeds Blue 250g

Made in Yorkshire by Mario from Sardegna.  Creamy, with a vibrant blue vein.

Pave Cobble

Pave Cobble is creamy and nutty in the centre, with a spicy, gamy exterior which strengthens with age. A sheep's milk cheese formed into a pyramid and lightly coated in ash. Pave Cobble has a springy texture and becomes more creamy with age. Made with unpasteurised sheep's milk and with a vegetarian rennet, so suitable for vegetarians. Pave Cobble is hand-made by Roger Longman on the White Lake Farm, famed for his sheep and goat's milk cheeses.

The Sheepy Goaty Box

We're not sheepish about this box rammed full of the greatest cheese made exclusively from ewe's and goat's milk.Four of our best ewe's and goat's milk cheeses, expect hard, soft, blue... expect anything, minus the cow.