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Old Roan, Wensleydale 250g

Old Roan Wensleydale is the only farmhouse, small batch Wensleydale made with unpasteurised cows' milk still made in Aysgarth, Yorkshire by Sam and Ben Spence at the Home Farm.  The cows are milked just 5 metres from where the cheese is made and Sam and Ben own the Holstein and Fresian cow herd grazed on grass in the Yorkshire Hills, so have complete control over the provenance of the cheese. Old Roan Wensleydale is made to a traditional recipe, then cloth-bound and matured for 3-4 months giving it a beautiful, creamy texture and farmyard they say you can taste the terrior in this cheese. Unpasteurised cows' milk cheese.


Organic cow's milk brie with a silky and gooey texture - what is not to love with this baby cheese!

Blue Monday 180g

Created by Alex James, this cheese is made by the fabulous team at Shepherd's Purse.  It is a solid favourite with our customers and rightly so.  Creamy yet steely and sophisticated. You will love it!

Yorkshire Blue 180g

Yorkshire Blue is an ideal blue cheese for those who don't usually go for a blue cheese. Creamy, sweet and mild, the flavour will develop the older the cheese gets. Made in Yorkshire  at Shepherd's Purse led by the infamous Mrs Bell, Judy, is now joined by her two daughters making this an all-female cheesemaker. Yorkshire Blue is made from pasteurised cows' milk Yorkshire Blue was the first blue cheese to be made in Yorkshire for 30 years in 1995. Since then its won a cluster of awards and it's easy to see why. This handmade cheese is turned every week during its 8-week maturation which makes for a smooth texture and even blueing. As Yorkshire Blue is made with vegetarian rennet it is suitable for vegetarians.Cow's milk, pasteurised, vegetarian.