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Beauvale 250g

A creamy, milder dolcelatte style style blue cheese made at the Cropwell Bishop Creamery on the Welbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire. Best served at room temperature and on a warm day this cheese made need to be eaten with a spoon. Made with pasteurised cows' milk and a vegetarian rennet.Sold in 250g wedges (as shown in the phones) and multiples thereof, if you would like a bigger wedge please select multiples (ie 500g = 2 x 250g) and to be sure, place a note in section at checkout.

Beer and Cheese Hamper

Three locally produced ales paired with two sensational British cheeses... Miller's Ale Crackers, our namesake Pound Street Pickle and the very best pickles to boot! - Witty banter not included*
*Witty banter provided by your chosen message on the gift tag.

Belazu Olive & Lemon Oil 250ml

Whole lemons and olives are stone-crushed together to create a rounded oil with citrus and pepper notes.

Black Truffle Oil 55ml

It was obtained through a production process at the forefront that allows you to obtain olive oil with an intense black truffle winter fragrance and preserves in time aromas and unique fragrance.

Blue Monday 180g

Created by Alex James, this cheese is made by the fabulous team at Shepherd's Purse.  It is a solid favourite with our customers and rightly so.  Creamy yet steely and sophisticated. You will love it!

Bodega Atamisque Malbec

Bodega Atamisque is one of Argentina's finest wineries, making wines of wonderful poise and balance.This Malbec, whilst full-bodied and impressive, is not just a typical Malbec fruitbomb; there is great depth of flavour here with layers of plum, blackberry and fig notes.A wine that's sure to impress friends and certainly fits the bill if you're looking for a great steak-wine!

Botanica Pinot Noir, Botanica Wines

Botanica Wines was founded in 2009 by owner and self-taught winemaker Ginny Povall, an intrepid American who fell in love with the beautiful Cape winelands She purchased Protea Heights Farm in Stellenbosch’s Devon Valley and relocated to the southern tip of Africa. Established in the late 1940s, Protea Heights was the first farm in South Africa to cultivate indigenous protea flowers commercially. Inspired by this horticultural history, it was only natural that Ginny would choose to develop her wine brands and labels with a botanical flair. It was a real joy when Ginny visited us last year, to share her wines with us and our customers at the shop; her warmth and humour really come through in her winemaking, giving them real personality. This small production Pinot Noir is considered one of South Africa’s best; lovely perfume and that perfect balance between fruitiness and elegance.

Bottle of Wine, Cheese & Crackers

Let us select a great bottle of white or red wine and a couple of cheeses with crackers.Please note image is display only and products may vary.If you have any preferences/allergies please add a note at checkout.

Brightwell Ash

Brightwell Ash is a carefully produced, deliciously light goats cheese rolled in ash with citrusy flavours. Made by Fraser Norton and Rachel Yarrow on the Earth Trust Farm in Shillingford in South Oxfordshire. They use pasteurised goats' milk from their own herd and also from a second local herd grazed near Steventon. Traditional french goats cheese making methods are followed but the milk gives the cheese an Oxfordshire flavour. With a silky texture, Brightwell Ash is a lighter goats cheese and is made with traditional animal rennet. The rind develops natural moulding on the ash coating which add to the flavour and character of the cheese. We recommend serving with charcoal crackers or chopped in a salad, but many of our customers like to simply eat it on a nice piece of bread.