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Miller’s Ale Crackers 100g

Delicious crunchy crackers made with hops for a subtle herby flavour. Very versatile!

Findlater’s Mini Oatcakes 100g

These delightful little oatcakes are just the right size for canapes, to accompany a cheeseboard, sharing with friends or just for snacking.Don't forget they were created to go perfectly with any of the Findlater's Pates - see recommendations below.

Peter’s Yard Sourdough Crispbreads 90g

Perfect with everything we sell on our deli.... or indeed on their own!Created by local couple Ian & Cristina, this brand is one of the fastest growing and successful in the artisan food industry.These crispbreads are inspired by a love of Sweden the home of crispbread.  They select simple, natural ingredients including organic fresh milk, organic flour and the precious sourdough which is allowed to ferment for 16hours before each batch is made.  Baked until crisp & golden, they are the natural choice for smoked salmon, cheese or pate.

Fionagh’s Sourdough Crackers

Each batch is hand-made  in the beautiful hills of North Cornwall, using a sourdough ‘mother’ which is specially fed and nurture for punch and crunch. The dough is mixed using the finest rye flour and fermented to achieve the perfect texture and taste. It’s then rolled and sprinkled with extra rye flour before baking.

Caramel Sea Salt Fudge 175g

A delicious caramel fudge infused with flakes of Cornish sea salt. Yummy!

Popti ~ seasalt

Delicious crispy thins hand made in Cornwall and seasoned with crunchy Cornish sea salt. Great with cheese, charcuterie, salmon and fishy pate.

Thin Oatcakes 100g

Traditional Stockan's thin oatcakes from the Orkney Islands, a perfect companion to all cheese.